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Crime fiction

Nick's latest novel: March 2013
Nick’s latest novel: March 2013

Roll With It is Nick’s first adult crime novel, mixing humour and action into a comedic crime farce that finally takes the piss out of Underbelly and other gangsters as celeb fiction and non-fiction.

Written with input from actual Victorian police, and using his own background as a newspaper police rounds reporter, the novel has a certain authenticity to it, as well as going for the jokes. Police who have read drafts say it is the most convincing portrayal of actual cop humour that they’ve read.

Nick started the book 20 years ago, not long after leaving crime reporting, but took more than a decade of writing practice across other novel drafts, short film scripts, short stories, poetry, journalistic features, TV scripts, and other writing, as well as four published kids books, before he felt ready to reapproach Roll With It and finish the novel.

Here it is. At last.

(Originally published by Hardie Grant. March 2013)


18 thoughts on “Crime fiction

  1. Hi Nick – just about finished Roll With It and have been really enjoying it. It’s funny and interesting and I love the Melbourne setting. I lived there for a while so sort of know most of the areas you mention. I guess Melbournians would particularly enjoy these aspects of a very entertaining story. Even though it’s a police/drugs/murder thing, there’s no disturbing blood and guts which makes a nice change from some of the dark Nordic Noir stuff I have been wading through! Thanks for a good read…….. All the best Nicola Simmons

    1. Hiya Nicola,
      Thanks a lot for writing, and for reading Roll With It. I’m really glad you liked it, and got to relive Melbourne. Where are you now?
      I was pretty determined not to be as gory as a lot of the crime fiction going around. I actually hate TV shows or movies where it’s wall to wall splatter. Sometimes, like in The Wire, I think it’s completely legit, but often it’s gratuitous so yeah, I was always aiming to be only vaguely graphic.
      Then again, if I’d set it in Sweden, I’d be a lot richer, right?


  2. Canberra Nick – not nearly so exciting or interesting as Melbourne that’s for sure. Your comment about being a lot richer had you set your book Sweden made me chuckle – possibly it’s true, but I like the Melbourne setting. Finished the book this morning having really enjoyed it. I think you may have left the way open for a sequel? I hope so…….

  3. Just finished Roll With It and I really enjoyed it. Great characters and a good fast-moving plot. Loved Laver/Rocket’s wry sense of humour. Was actually looking at website to see what other crime fiction books Nick Place had written. I do hope there’s another one (or more) on the way …
    Thanks for a good read.

    1. Hi Valerie.
      Thanks so much for writing, and for buying Roll With It.
      I’m midway through a sequel now, so – fingers crossed – it will appear in about 12 months, by the time the publishing process grinds through.
      I’ve been a bit slack with this website so I’ll make an effort to keep it up to date with progress reports for ‘Let it slide’ (my working title for the sequel).
      cheers, and thanks again for making contact,

    1. Steven, somehow I completely missed this comment when you wrote it. Thanks so much, and for mentioning it to Sandy. Things like that can really help us struggling authors. The sequel is written and sitting on desks across Australia, waiting for decisions. Fingers crossed. cheers, Nicko

    1. Thanks, Louise.
      The sequel is coming along … it’s written. Just weaving its way through the publishing process, so hopefully it will emerge sooner rather than later. cheers, and thanks for writing, Nicko

    1. Hi Helena. ME TOO!
      The sequel is actually written, but my agent is hunting for a publisher, because Roll With It‘s publisher has decided not to continue printing fiction. We think we’re getting closer but I apologise because the wait has been unnaturally long.
      The sequel is tentatively called Let It Slide.
      I’ll post as soon as we (hopefully) secure a deal.
      Cheers and thanks for waiting 🙂

  4. Hiya Helena,
    Oh man, it’s a saga.
    Firstly, THANK YOU for following up, and being keen enough to still be waiting. You have no idea how much it means to an author to know people actually like their books.
    Depressingly, not much has changed since my last reply. As far as I know, my agent is still knocking on doors, seeing if anybody wants to republish Roll With It, and publish Let It Slide (the sequel). Pretty crazy, hey?
    I’m not sure what my plan B is, if the agent can’t find a deal. I might have to bite the bullet and explore self publishing, but that’s a scary prospect. I actually read Let It Slide again recently, because I had been away from it for so long now that I could read it fresh, almost like a new reader. I still think it is hopefully a fun, page-turning sequel. So I’m really hoping it somehow finally finds its way onto shelves.
    Please don’t hold your breath but hold the faith!

  5. Thanks Nick. I don’t understand publishers. I found your book better then some of the published authors around! Please keep trying.

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