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Other Writing

I’ve made a living as a professional writer, or something associated with that, since I was 17 and left a safe career path as a dishpig at The Arab cafe at Lorne for the risky adventure of becoming a copyboy at The Herald newspaper.

Below are some of my favourite pieces from life as a journo or freelancer, or even as a non-fiction author in the case of the TV Origin piece.

I might also throw the occasional short story or poem up here. Who can say? I’m making this whole ‘author site’ thing up as I go along. In fact, let me know your thoughts if I’m missing anything, or you have feedback.


A crazy fun piece for the Panorama in-flight magazine. I took my dad along to take photos and we experienced a part of Australia so far off the map that no shire or council bothers to cover it. Click here.

Year One of TV in Australia. A 12,000 word love story in the shape of journalism.
Year One of TV in Australia. A 12,000 word love story in the shape of journalism.


An epic opening chapter from Media Giants/Hardie Grant’s book, ‘Fifty Years of Television in Australia“. One of my favourite pieces that I wrote, ever. Click here.


An early short story with a few notable elements, at least from my point of view. Plus the first sex scene I ever wrote into a story! Click here.

2 thoughts on “Other Writing

  1. If you’re one of the co-authors the why the hell haven’t you organised a film based upon “Stalin’s Wine Cellar”?

    Absolutely riveting read.😃

    1. Cheers, Leith. Unfortunately, bringing a book to film or TV is a complicated process. It’s being worked on, and yes, I agree, it would be fun on screen. Fingers crossed.
      Thanks a lot for reading the book and your comments. We really appreciate it.

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