There have been some great reviews appearing for ‘Roll With It‘.

Reviewers have really been picking up on the themes and darker, deeper rivers of the book, while still enjoying the characters and humour, which is truly gratifying.

Usually, I include reviews as they happen on the Media page of the site, but thought I’d break out the more recent ones, to say thanks to the reviewers.

April 19:

An extremely enthusiastic review of ‘Roll With It‘ by the blog, All The Books I Can Read, with Laver’s lack of support after the shooting a key pick-up by this reviewer.

April 8:

Another blog, Australian Crime Fiction, published a really positive review. I figure anybody who is into crime fiction enough to start a blog dedicated to that genre is going to be a tough/genuine critic, so I love seeing good reviews on those sites.

ABC Radio 774′s Richard Stubbs gave me a shout-out on Twitter too, enthusing about the book, which was very much appreciated.

And Hardie-Grant, the book’s publisher, has made ‘Roll With It‘ the book of the month for April. Thank you, Hardie-Granters.

Finally, I’ve had several people contact me, saying Book Clubs have chosen ‘Roll With It‘, which is brilliant.

April 4:

I’m still floating, after reading this review on a site called Fair Dinkum Crime. The reviewer has managed to pick out and enjoy almost every aspect of ‘Roll With It’ that I thought was important, such as making Laver a different hero to the usual lone wolf detective characters, having friends etc. Even the cleaning of the dishes was noted, in exactly the right way. I swear I did not write this review under a pseudonym (and thank you, reviewer Bernadette, if you ever happen to read this)

Read the review on their site here.