The magnificent Fitzroy town hall ...
The magnificent Fitzroy town hall …

Well, it would appear that nobody has died or needed emotional counselling after my public appearances so far for ‘Roll With It‘, from Bairnsdale to Fairfield, so the Fitzroy local library has bravely invited me to take part in an evening discussing the art of crime fiction within my hood.

It’s happening on Tuesday, July 30, and sees me alongside some highly accomplished local authors, which is always a lot of fun. Plus, it’s at the glorious Fitzroy Town Hall, which rocks: scene of such memorable moments as the Save Fitzroy FC rally, planning disputes for developers pushing the envelope around the hood, and, best of all, the Marios Cafe 25th birthday party, which was a brilliant evening.

Possibly there will be less alcohol and shenanigans at this crime-fiction event.

Tickets are now on sale, apparently, and the official announcement is as follows:

The evening's line-up of Fitzroy crime thrillers ...
The evening’s line-up of Fitzroy crime thrillers …

A Night of Crime and Mystery

Join four of Melbourne’s most exciting crime writers as they discuss the essential elements of a good crime novel.

Featuring Angela Savage, Peter Cotton, Alex Hammond and Nick Place. This is a free event but bookings are essential.

Date: Tuesday 30 July
Time: 7pm to 8pm
Where: The Reading Room, Fitzroy Town Hall, 201 Napier Street

For information and bookings contact Yarra Libraries on 1300 695 427 or
Book Online