Yes, it’s true: on August 18, a new book, co-written by me, will be released on an unsuspecting public.

Well, actually, hopefully a vaguely-suspecting public, if the Penguin publicity machine has done its job.

Stalin’s Wine Cellar‘ is a rollicking, mostly-true story, that I have helped co-create, along with John Baker, who actually lived the adventure but needed some help to write it down.

It’s super exciting to be finally hitting bookshelves again. In fact, I couldn’t blame followers of this online space for believing this announcement would never happen, but book publishing is a slow-burn activity, in case you haven’t worked it out by now.

No, the sequel to ‘Roll With It‘ has not yet found its way to shelves but who knows, maybe this cracking International story of valuable wine, Russian dictators, French châteaux and Sydney adventurers will create some momentum?

In the meantime, enjoy the wildest wine escapade you’re likely to find. And no, you don’t need to be a wine nerd to enjoy it. You might learn a few things along the way, about French wines, history and Tbilisi, but the point of the book is to be a page-turner.

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