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The website of Nick Place, an Australian fiction writer and media operative.

About Nick


nicko author_editNick Place is the author of five published novels, several short stories, poetry, a musical comedy stage show, and has also been published in non fiction.

He has worked for more than three decades as a journalist, content creator, editor and more. He has worked across newspapers, the internet, TV, radio, podcasts and other media. He is the creator of Little Big Shots, Australia’s international film festival for kids, and has won several awards for journalism, and none for ice hockey, at which he is an honest trier, at best.

12 thoughts on “About Nick

  1. Am reading Roll with it on Kindle. I am rapt. I loved Peter Temple’s Jack Irish character, and here is another slant on the Melbourne underworld. I am gobsmacked that this is your first crime novel. It is such a good read I was looking for others in the series to read, but you aren’t there yet.
    Hurry up and get out a sequel.
    A sydneyite.

    1. hey there, Sydneyite,
      Thanks a lot for writing, and for reading the novel. I’m really glad you’re enjoying it… Especially the Melbourne flavour. Or Mexico, as I believe the south is better known as up your way.
      Working happily on the sequel now. I just need to sell enough of the first one for the publisher to take the punt. Fingers crossed.

  2. My old favourite movie reviewer has been keeping it entertaining I see! Unlike Richmond. šŸ˜‰

    Novelist I wouldn’t have guessed. Can you get autographed copies?

    1. Hi there, mystery movie fan. Yep, from watching films to writing novels. Actually, I was always doing both … the world just didn’t know it at the time.
      Yes, you can get autographed copies – in fact, I’m appearing at Fairfield Bookshop next Saturday if you want one soon. Come and say hi for real.
      And leave those Tigers alone. It’s all about 2014 and we’re on track.

  3. Hah, well you did know me once upon a time. I am actually in SA these days though, so a bit too long a trip for an auotgraph that one, and still busy on Saturdays.

    On track to cruelly disappoint perhaps rather than just usually disappoint? šŸ˜‰

    1. Hi David,
      Thanks so much for reading ‘Roll With It’, and tracking me down to make contact. The sequel has been finished for more than a year but we’ve had some trouble because the publisher of ‘Roll With It’ decided to get out of fiction, generally, so it’s hard to sell a sequel to a new publisher, when they didn’t put out the first book. It’s looking a lot like I might have to self-publish, which is something I’ve never done before. I actually like the sequel, called ‘Let It Slide’, and people who have test read it say it have given the thumbs up, so hopefully I can get it to the world sooner rather than later.

  4. Hi Nick, prob don’t remember me but we were in mothers group together (my son Alex and your son Will)
    My book group has just read Stalin’s Wine Cellar. We are having dinner tomorrow night at Carlton Wine Cellar to discuss. Would you and your partner like to join us? Our shout! Just have to give us a 5 min chat about the book, we are fun!

    1. Hi Jane, Sorry for the very slow reply. And you have a great memory to make the connection after so long. I’m not sure I can stay for dinner (young kids – again!) but I’d be super happy to drop by and chat about the book. What time do you plan to be there? Want to email me on ? cheers

      1. We will be in the Cellar at the Carlton Wine Room in Faraday St at 7.30. It would be great if y o u could drop in. Jane

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