Our humble book, Stalin’s Wine Cellar, continues to fly, not only selling healthy numbers across Australia a full year after publication, but now with deals into several countries.

We have preliminary deals with publishers in China, Hungary, Estonia, Romania, and Belgium/France, with hopefully more to come as the literary world opens up again after the Big Shutdown.

We even recently received the cover for the Estonian version. It’s always fun to see how other artists around the world decide to represent the book.

I’m hoping to one day emerge from the endless Melbourne stay-at-home to again meet readers and chat wine and books.

John Baker, my co-author and the man who lived the adventure, is ahead of me, as usual, fully preparing to reemerge from lockdowns for wine tastings, book talks and other Stalin’s related activity, so if you’re in NSW, you might want to follow John on Facebook (John Baker-author) or Instagram (@johnrabaker). It’s cool to hear the stories behind the story, and especially if he brings some of his quality wine along.

Chateau d’Yquem never gets old. (Literally, if you read the book)