Stalin’s Wine Cellar continues to be embraced by wine lovers and mystery readers around the world. Editions are either printed, underway or optioned in Estonia, Romania, Hungary, China and France!

It’s always been one of the most fun times of being an author – when you have a book published overseas, and get to enjoy the creative take that new publishers and cover designers will bring.

My first kids’ book, The Kazillion Wish, took on all manner of wild shapes, sizes and artwork as it was published in the USA, UK and Italy. It even became Missione Banana in Italy, which I’ve always thought was a better title than my original one. (Fun fact: The hardcover UK version is also now only available on Amazon for $120! – I think that officially makes it a collector’s item)

All the same book, but in different territories

And now it’s Stalin’s Wine Cellar‘s turn.

Hungarian edition: Publisher Europa
Romanian edition: Publisher Lebāda Neagrā
French edition: Publisher Luc Pire
Estonian edition: Publisher Sinisukk

Which countries will be next? What wild takes will we see next time on cobwebbed cellars and infamous historical figures? Stay tuned, book fans …